Our three-year Delivery Program is our commitment to the community and outlines what we intend to do achieve our community objectives. The annual Operational Plan breaks down the strategies outlined in the Delivery Program into more specific actions. It is supported by a detailed budget and a statement of revenue policy which sets out rates, fees and charges for the year.

About the plans

Long Term Financial Plan

The Long Term Financial Plan (LTFP) is an important part of Council’s strategic planning process, it is used to model various scenarios. It is also used to inform and guide future actions and to allow Council to identify financial issues at an earlier stage. The LTFP provides a means to forecast Shellharbour City Council’s capacity to provide financial resources to meet the Objectives of the Community Strategic Plan.

Asset Management Plan

The Asset Management Plan(AMP) forms part of Council’s Resourcing Strategy and reports on the current state of Council assets, and describes the levels of service that are intended to be provided to the community over a 10 year period, in alignment with the LTFP. It considers required asset growth to keep pace with development and recommends resourcing allocations to achieve the described levels of service.

Delivery Program and Operational Plan

Our Delivery Program and Operational Plan is structured into key areas which includes key projects and priority areas. Below is a snapshot of some of the priorities for 2020/21;

Council is committed to delivering valuable infrastructure and services to the community in 2020/21. We have proposed to invest $20,713,000 on renewal projects in the coming year, covering the wide range of infrastructure within our City. These include play and fitness equipment, footpaths and shared paths, roads and carparks, sportsfield amenities and stormwater management.

Key projects:

  • Refreshing Oak Flats Library
  • Reddall Reserve upgrades including promenade, boat ramp, and continuation of playground.
  • Illawarra Regional Airport upgrade
  • The Links; outdoor family area and mini-golf
  • The Waterfront including Shell Cove Library and Community Centre

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