The community gave feedback on a proposed access upgrade at Beverley Whitfield Pool.

About the project

Beverley Whitfield Oceal Pool located in Shellharbour has been a cherished part of the community since 1894. Originally known as the ocean baths, it became the Beverley Whitfield Ocean Pool in 1994 after enhancements by Council. The pool has a rich history and is a hub for swimming club members, local students, residents, and visitors.

In response to community feedback and to make the pool more accessible, this project proposes that an accessibility ramp is built. You're invited to give your feedback on this upgrade and the proposed design which aims to enhance accessibility while keeping the pool's historical importance.

Beverley Whitfield pool

Proposed design

The proposed concept design includes the construction of an accessible concrete ramp within the existing pool area. Several alternative designs were evaluated but eliminated during the Heritage Assessment process.

We considered several options, including:

  1. Preferred Option: Adding a concrete ramp within the pool's current area. (see image below)
  2. Not Recommended: Using a stainless steel ramp within the pool's current area as it may create spaces where individuals could become trapped underneath. Concrete is preferred over stainless steel as it complements the natural rock and has less impact on the site's heritage.
  3. Not Recommended: Putting a concrete ramp outside the current pool space. This would change the pool's original shape by cutting into the walls and edges.
Concept Design