Managing bereavement services for the City

We are developing a range of documents to facilitate the long-term management of the Shellharbour Cemeteries. The first of these was the Cemetery Operations Policy and we have commenced work on a new Cemetery Strategic Plan.

When developed the Cemetery Strategic Plan will consider several key drivers including public expectations; legislative and regulatory requirements; industry standards and trends; consistency with other Local Government Area’s; enhancement of key characteristics of the cemeteries within the Local Government Area; and future demands on the provision of cemeteries.

What we have planned and achieved:

1. Developed a Cemetery Operations Policy providing a framework for procedures and agreements for the management and operation of Shellharbour City Council Cemeteries.

2. Identified the need to review the existing Cemetery Master Plan to be more reflective of current and future needs.

3. Identified a need to increase the longevity of Shellharbour City Council cemeteries as well as providing an increased range of interment options and a review of cemetery fees and charges to reflect the management and operation costs and community needs.

4. Improve the range and distribution of public information on cemetery planning, heritage/family history and development and operation through the establishment of appropriate documentation, and a communication strategy with key stakeholders.

5. Improving the efficiency and effectiveness in the planning, management, and operation of Shellharbour City Council cemeteries through strategic planning.

Your feedback will be used to inform the draft Cemetery Strategic Plan, ensuring we are meeting the needs of the community now and into the future.

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