About the Proposal

Council endorsed the proposal that the Albion Park Showground Pavilion be commemoratively named, "Doug and Daphne Blow Pavilion".

The commemorative naming of the pavilion, proposed by the Albion Park Show Society, will recognise two exhibitors, volunteers and tireless workers who have contributed to the show over many decades.

The Albion Park (AP) Show Society requested permission from Council to rename the Albion Park Showground Pavilion to “Doug and Daphne Blow Pavilion”. The AP Show Society intends to erect commemorative signs over the AP pavilion entrances before the 2024 show.

At its meeting 24 October 2023 Council endorsed the proposal for public exhibition, giving the community an opportunity to share their feedback on this proposal. This public exhibition will run for 28 days until 26 November 2023.

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