We have received a grant from NSW Justice Department to improve the lighting at Reddall Reserve.

We will be upgrading to new white LED lighting and installing new solar powered light poles in most of the car parks.

Proposed lighting improvements

Proposed lighting improvements

Orange - New LED globes

Yellow - New solar powered light poles

Blue - Replace yellow globes to LED globes

What is this project about?

This page provides an opportunity for local residents to share feedback on the proposed lighting upgrades to Reddall Reserve.

This project is part of the Safer Public Places project that was identified in the Shellharbour's Safety Strategy and involves lighting upgrades that will improve visibility at night.

The survey will help us better understand community usage and perception of safety in the area.

What will the changes look like?

We will replace the older yellow lights with white sustainable LED light. This will improve appearance, visibility and safety in the area.

There will also be new solar powered light poles installed in four car parks.

The map on this page provides a visual overview of what is planned.

How is this project being funded?

We have been successful in receiving grant funding from NSW Justice Department. The grant is valued at $74,229 and will be used to implement the Crime Prevention project at Reddall Reserve.

Why was the site chosen?

Reddall Reserve was identified by the community and staff as an area that would benefit from improved lighting.

The treatments are recommendations from audits using Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles as a way to improve amenity and safety in the area

Read more from the NSW Department of Justice about evidence-based crime prevention strategies.