Why prepare a Community Gardens Strategy?

Our Community Garden Strategy has been adopted and is now available on our website!

Community gardens can create a fun and lively space to grow a community hub and fresh produce for everyone to enjoy. We know that many love community gardens in Shellharbour already and want the process of planting, establishing and maintaining gardens on council-owned land to be clear and accessible for everyone.

Council’s experience with previous community gardens and community consultation has identified the need for a formal strategy, policy and process to be developed. So we have created a Draft Community Gardens Strategy which you will find below, along with the previous feedback that went into making this strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

The need for a formal approach has been identified in our open space strategic planning document(Open Space Recreation Strategy) and a growing number of requests by Customers/community.

The strategy is still in the draft stage and will not come into use until adopted by Council.

The Draft Strategy will provide a framework for establishing and maintaining a community garden. Meaning it will identify roles, responsibilities and information for Council, Community and Customers to do this

A Let's Chat page was created to receive feedback from 18 January to 28 February 2021. This page allowed the community to provide feedback on various elements of community gardens. A total of 70 survey contributions were received during this time which informed the preparation of the Draft Strategy. You can find results from this feedback on page 8 of the Draft Strategy.

Once adopted, Council will begin implementing several actions to provide a strategic focus for the community gardens network. These actions are on page 13 of the strategy and include, but are not limited to:

  • Develop Community Gardens Policy
  • Develop Community Garden Guide
  • Develop site selection criteria

Implementing these actions will create a standardized framework for all community gardens in the LGA.

For existing garden groups, at the next licence renewal date (or in extraordinary circumstances at a negotiated date) the garden group will need to demonstrate how they have met the requirements of the strategy and supporting documents.

Access to public open spaces plays an essential and valued part in making community life great. All community members in Shellharbour should have the opportunity to access our open spaces. It is therefore important to try and maximise community access to all community land and open spaces, including parks, play spaces, reserves and community gardens.

Public exhibition provides an opportunity for the community and stakeholders to review and provide feedback on the Draft Strategy.

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Previous Feedback

We are seeking your feedback

Council is currently preparing a Community Gardens Strategy, which will provide a strategic focus for establishing and expanding the Community Gardens network across Shellharbour City.

We hope to encourage residents of all ages and abilities to enjoy local open spaces through the provision of space for features such as community gardens, which were identified as an ongoing demand in the Shellharbour Open Space and Recreation Needs Study. The Strategy includes Action 1.10 Develop a Shellharbour Community Gardens Strategy designed to encourage all-age access and use of specified open spaces

In order to inform the Community Gardens Strategy, please provide your feedback on the following questions: