The Con O'Keefe and Russell Street Precinct Master Plan has now been adopted!

The feedback we received during the Public Exhibition period was generally very supportive of the draft Master Plan, and we've made a few minor changes to the Master Plan to capture this. These changes include identifying fixed elements within the proposal where funding will be prioiritised, and identifying additional elements that could be provided in the future as funding becomes available.

All comments received during the Public Exhibition will be referred to at the detailed design phase, as the Master Plan is put into action. Check out what we heard. This is a long-term project, with work to be delivered in stages.

We will also come back out to the community for further engagement to inform the detailed design of specific sites, to make sure we are achieving the overarching vision of the Master Plan.

About the Master Plan

The Con O’Keefe Park and Russell Street Precinct is an important hub for the local community and people from the wider region. The Precinct has a strong recreation focus, embedded social infrastructure and a unique local history which brings a diverse range of uses and values to the park.

The Con O’Keefe and Russell Street Precinct provides key open space and opportunities for the Albion Park community. The area highlighted in this master plan is surrounded by residential, recreational and commercial property, with Albion Park Shopping Centre and Albion Park High School both close by.

Around the site, wider suburbs include established and new release areas. This gives us a timely opportunity to plan some new open space facilities for our growing community.