Thank you for your feedback and contributions to the draft Lake Illawarra Coastal Management plan.

The plan was adopted in September 2020, we have the plan on our website for you to view!

About the Plan

Shellharbour City and Wollongong City Councils have prepared a Draft Lake Illawarra Coastal Management Program 2019-2029 (Draft CMP). This outlines the strategic direction and specific actions that can be implemented over the next 10 years to address the threats to the Lake.

At their meetings of 22 and 23 July 2019 respectively, Wollongong City Council and Shellharbour City Council resolved to exhibit the Draft Lake Illawarra Coastal Management Program 2019-2029 for public feedback.

The Draft CMP has been developed by the two Councils in accordance with the NSW Coastal Management Act 2016 and the Coastal Management Manual 2018. The process has been overseen by the Lake Illawarra Estuary Management Committee that has included Councilor, community and state agency representatives as well as two independent scientific advisors.

The Draft CMP is informed by a Synthesis Study, documenting the current scientific understanding of how the Lake functions and a Values Report which outlines what the community values about the Lake and the threats to these values. Both of these documents are available to view in the document library on this page.

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