About the Draft Plan of Management

Plans of Management (PoM) are legal documents developed to guide how Council land that is classified as ‘community land’ under the Local Government Act 1993 (the LG Act) is managed. It establishes directions for planning, resource management and maintenance of the land.

Recently, Council endorsed the Draft Plan of Management for Morley Park to be placed on public exhibition.

The Draft Plan covers Lot 38 DP224607, Lot 39 DP 224607 and Lot 23 DP 558774 and was developed to achieve responsible and sustainable use of the land, while meeting the needs of the local neighbourhood, the broader community and the environment.

Council’s vision for Morley Park recognises the long term use of the site’s infrastructure, both sportsground and park, as socially, culturally and physically enhancing the community.

You can download the Draft Plan below.

Morley Park

Morley Park location

Public Exhibition

At its meeting of 21 July 2020, Council resolved to place the Draft Plan of Management for Morley Park (the Draft Plan) on public exhibition.

We would like to hear your feedback on the Draft Plan. You can make a formal submission in writting or leave informal feedback from 12 August 2020 until 4.00pm on 23 September 2020. Feedback and submissions will be considered before being formally adopted by Council.

Before making a submission we encourage you to read over the Petitions and Submissions Policy and Submissions Procedure.

Informal feedback is when you would like to leave a comment and not supply your details, you will not receive an acknowledgment. You are also encouraged to make a formal submission.
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