Customer feedback plays a critical role in Council's commitment to delivering high performing and sustainable outcomes for the community.

People that live, work & play in Shellharbour City have the ability to create significant change throughout all aspects of how the City is shaped.

Council continually seeks new ways to strengthen community relationships and have developed a new video series that explores Council's process of what happens after receiving customer feedback.

This first video takes a look at what's been happening in the arts & creative initiatives space.

Bush Regeneration

We manage and care for a range of bushland areas, from Blackbutt Forest to Bass Point and Croom Reserve. Many of these reserves have high environmental values, being home to threatened animals, plants, and ecological communities.

Bush Regeneration is the rehabilitation of bush from a weed affected or otherwise degraded area to a healthier community of native plants and animals.

The aim of our Natural Areas Team is to enhance, restore and maintain the ecosystem health, this is achieved through a number of processes and practices; replanting of indigenous plants, reducing the effect of weeds, managing erosion and soil disturbance, maintaining creeks and waterways, dune restoration and fire management.

In Shellharbour Local Government Area we have over 443 hectares of natural areas that are managed by the Natural Areas Team, these areas include:

  • Bass Point Reserve
  • Blackbutt Forest
  • Flinders Reserve
  • Foreshore and dune restoration
  • Stoney Range

Our Natural Areas team, with the help of many volunteers in our Bushcare and Landcare groups, manage these valuable natural areas.

Local BushCare and LandCare volunteer groups provide an incredible service greening our city and improving the local environment. Why not join in a working bee, meet like-minded people and see what it's all about?

We support several groups across Shellharbour:

  • Tullimbah LandCare in Albion Park
  • The Watercourse BushCare in Albion Park
  • Blackbutt BushCare at Blackbutt Reserve
  • Currambene Reserve BushCare in Flinders
  • Oakey Creek BushCare in Oak Flats
  • Koona Bay BushCare in Oak Flats
  • Warilla Dunes BushCare in Warilla

Visit our website to find out more about joining one of these groups.

Arts & creative initiatives

Arts and Creative Initiatives

Your feedback matters

Council engages with the Community, Customers and Stakeholders in many different ways and constantly seeks new ways to connect and gather feedback. The purpose of our engagement is to:

  • improve decision making
  • improve relationships with our community
  • increase participation amongst the community in the activities and decision making processes of Council
  • enable the community to work together on issues that matter to them
  • build on the community’s understanding of the Council’s role and responsibilities as well as our financial and legislative requirements.
  • provide engagement opportunities that are inclusive and accessible.

In November 2019 Council engaged IRIS to conduct the biennial community satisfaction survey. IRIS is an independent research company, as part of this research called 600 residents to gather responses from a cross-section of our community's demographics. As well as these responses a further 246 online surveys were received.

The questions in both the phone and online survey rated the community’s satisfaction with a range of Council services, including customer service, playgrounds, roads, Councillors, and much more.

Take a closer look at what's been happening.