Why develop a Master Plan?

We are working with GroupGSA, to prepare a master plan for the future of Harrsion Park, Shellharbour City and Con O'Keefe Park, Albion Park. These plans will look at what the existing facilities and potential upgrades are.

When completed the master plan will set out the vision for the parks for the next 10-20 years and make recommendations for park development. The master plan will aim to balance the needs of different members of the community and enhance the opportunity of the site.

The objectives of the master plan are to:

  • Identify improvements for the reserve;
  • Enable planning for future works;
  • Ensure the park is suitable and relevant to the needs of the current and future community;
  • Improve connections throughout the park;
  • Protect the areas and qualities of the parks that are valued;
  • Establish a holistic vision for the parks;
  • Enhance biodiversity and habitat;
  • Provide suitable play spaces

It is important to note that master plans are high-level aspirational concept-style documents. They present future opportunities and address challenges for the site, the plan does not confirm funding allocation to this future work.

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