Community Vision

'Naturally balanced, vibrant and connected community'

Community Vision: Naturally Balanced, Vibrant, Connected, Community.

How was the vision developed?

The CSP describes the community's vision and aspirations for the future. A vision statement is a short, but clear picture of what we want to become.

In early June over 150 community members participated in 'Imagine Shellharbour' workshops. Each workshop group co-created a vision statement for the City.

Each vision statement was open for voting at workshops and online, the most highly voted vision was 'Naturally balanced, vibrant and connected community'.

Why was the CSP reviewed?

Every 4 years, following an ordinary election of Council, the Council must review the CSP. Reviewing our CSP is important to track our progress against the plan, identify where we can improve and plan our priorities for the future.

The last time the CSP was reviewed in 2017. Council carried out extensive engagement with community members and stakeholders to determine the draft CSP.

What does the vision mean to you?

'Naturally balanced, vibrant and connected community' (max 140 characters).

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22 May, 2022

Carol says:

Improve maintenance of lake foreshore and cycleway.Mowing and whipper snipping unsatisfactory and cycleway slippery from poor drainage

Your vision. Our future.

What would you like to see in the future?

15 December, 2021

Leigh23 says:

Footpath out the front of my house. Beachwalk from South Beach to Warilla

5 November, 2021

AM says:

Path cont from Barrack Ave roundabout (where it ends) down IIuka road & Headlands prd for walkability. Increase access for disabled & prams.

1 November, 2021

SM says:

Footpaths on all streets close to schools, raised zebra-crossings, traffic calming, 30/40 km/h max in suburban streets, and bicycle lanes!

22 October, 2021

DT says:

A family friendly area that delivers sustainable and maintained areas that are inviting to use.

28 September, 2021

TP says:

Bring back the full time rangers at Blackbutt and Bass Point. Motorbike damage in Blackbutt is getting out of control!

18 September, 2021

Katerina O'Neill says:

Instead of discussing free curbside rubbish pickup how about free trailor load every 2 years. Reduce illegal dumping. No cost to council.

4 August, 2021

Bob says:

Hell of an improvement required in upfront honesty & decision making by staff especially management with DA's.

20 July, 2021

Arlene says:

Please put a pedestrian crossing on College Ave, I worry about the children walking to and from school as it get's busy. Near All Saints

30 June, 2021

Rachael says:

Accessibility for all. Elderly, young families, prams, bikes, ability scooters, birds and wildlife through out our community.

30 June, 2021

Bella says:

Safety and eco are priorities but it isnt all we want. I think the vision thats broad to cover everything ands catchy is the Loved by Locals

26 June, 2021

Jenine says:

Footpaths on at least one side of the road in all suburbs, (mandatory for new estates) to help disabled and aged using electric wheel chairs

24 June, 2021

Trish says:

A community that is inclusive of all, that cares for our environment, that nurtures the interest of many not just a few and is open to ideas