What is an Open Space and Recreation Needs Study?

We are preparing a Shellharbour Open Space and Recreation Needs Study and Strategy. The Study will provide a clear understanding of where Shellharbour is currently regarding open space, recreation, and aquatic facilities. The Study will look at the amount and level of open space and recreation facilities Shellharbour has, as well as current usage, participation rates, issues, and trends. This information has been collated through population data and information gathering including site visits, stakeholder engagement, and document research. The Study will inform the preparation of the Strategy.

The Strategy will provide direction for council and the community regarding the future management of the current active and passive recreation areas, parks and reserves, sports fields and aquatic facilities managed by Council.

Why are we preparing a new strategy?

The guiding document that we have in place is almost 10 years old and needs to be reviewed to be more reflective of our community. By developing the Open Space and Recreation Needs Study a framework will be established for ongoing and future management of these spaces.

We are working with consultants to complete background research to understand the supply of spaces in the City and also asking for community feedback.

Why is it important?
This project will identify future opportunities in relation to open space, recreation, and aquatics to benefit the Shellharbour community now and in the future.

The Strategy will reflect the community’s and Council’s aspirations which will guide future investment and funding allocation, over the short, medium and long term.

How can I share feedback?
We want to know more about how you use open, recreation spaces and aquatic facilities in Shellharbour. By providing feedback on your usage, what you use them for and if you think there are enough or if there are suggested improvements that will help us to better understand and inform the strategy.

You can complete the survey below (until 3 September) and there will be additional opportunities to have your say throughout the project. We are also working with an independent company to conduct a randomised phone survey.

Share your feedback

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How often on average do you or other household members visit each of the following? Required
Less than monthly
Your local park (closest to home)
Another park in Shellharbour
Sports field
Other outdoor sports facilities eg. courts or athletics
Ocean or coastline
Lake or Lake foreshore
Indoor recreation facilities
Off leash dog area
Other natural space (eg. bushland)
To go to these spaces, do you prefer to ...
How satisfied are you with the current provision of these facilities in Shellharbour area:
Very dissatisfied
Very satisfied
Indoor sports facilities
Off leash dog area
Courts (eg. tennis, netball, basketball)
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Please answer this question in the number of minutes/hours.

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How often do you or other household members participate in the following?

When answering this question think over the past 12 months.

Less than monthly
I do not do this activity
Go to the park to relax, have a picnic, socialise
Bushwalk/trail run
Use outdoor fitness equipment
Ride my bike
Walk my dog
Ride a horse
Mountain bike
Skate board
Take children to sport
Organised sport
Social sport
Where do you prefer to swim?
If you go to a public pool, which one?
Is there a recreation activity that you or other household members would like to participate in, but don't or can't?
If YES, why?
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Do you or other household members have a disability?

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