About the project

We all want our areas to be a clean, safe and healthy environment that everyone can share and enjoy!

Litter prevention is a big part of ensuring this remains true for our city which is why we are creating a Litter Prevention Roadmap for Council, aiming to help our city litter less and live cleaner!

We will be working under the guidelines set out by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in their Waste and Sustainable Materials Strategy 2041 and The NSW Plastics Action Plan so our roadmap also helps achieve their goals.

The ultimate aim of this roadmap is to embed litter prevention in Council's 'business as usual' practices so that we are naturally reducing litter now whilst eliminating the production of future litter.

Thanks for your feedback!

Our draft Litter Prevention Roadmap was on Public Exhibition from 3 - 30 June. We're now reviewing your submissions.


The road map wants to answer the question:

What are Councils targets for litter and how are we going to achieve them?

This is an important step in ensuring that we are committed to litter reduction. This roadmap also aligns with the NSW EPA goals of:

  • Target 1: 30% reduction in plastic litter items by 2025.
  • Target 2: 60% reduction in all litter items by 2030.

The 2020- 2021 key Litter Study NSW report lists the below:

(Click to view the study in full)

There are a number of ways that council already aims to reduce waste. These include:

  • The "Luv the Lake" litter reduction education campaign
  • Seaside Scavenge community event.
  • Bush regeneration team clean up.
  • Park and garden maintenance team litter pick up before mowing.
  • Additional bins in public spaces.

How we got here

What We Heard

We asked how to make Shellharbour litter-free. Thanks for all your great ideas!