Council is committed to recognising and respecting our local Aboriginal community. As part of this commitment we are developing an Aboriginal Interpretive Walk (Walk) that will flow along the southern side of Lake Illawarra.

We would like to acknowledge and respect our local Aboriginal community by celebrating the local stories and history in this new Walk.

There are 4 main themes for consideration:

  • Dreamtime
  • Artefacts
  • Language
  • Flora and Fauna

Cultural content and artistic images will be sourced locally.


Share your ideas and feedback

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Click on the theme box and drag it to first or second place. Please keep in mind all themes will be based on local history and culture.

  1. Dreamtime #
  2. Artefacts #
  3. Language #
  4. Flora and Fauna #
  5. Other #

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Add marker on the map

The proposed Aboriginal Interpretive Sign Walk will be located along the southern side of Lake Illawarra from Mogurah Point in Oak Flats to Pur Pur Point in Lake Illawarra.

Add a marker and select the theme to describe why you selected this location.

Please note, other locations across the City will be considered.

17 contributions

Signage inspiration - vote on what you like the most

Part of developing the Aboriginal Interpretative Signage Walk is considering what type of signage should be used. We have found a few ideas and would like to get your feedback on what type and style you would like to see. (THESE ARE EXAMPLE IMAGES ONLY) You are allocated 5 points and each image has a point value.
Your remaining points:
4 pts

Example - Artistic entry sign

Byron Bay Whale Trail

  26 Votes (28%)
2 pts

Example - Entry signage

Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens

  18 Votes (19%)
2 pts

Example - Infographic sign

Byron Bay Whale Trail

  20 Votes (22%)
1 pts

Example - Totem style sign

Byron Bay Whale and Dolphin Trail

  20 Votes (22%)
1 pts

Example - Informative sign

Lake Illawarra Art Trail

  9 Votes (10%)