The Suburb of Albion Park

Albion Park - Rural West is bounded by Marshall Mount Creek in the north; the Macquarie Rivulet, Illawarra Regional Airport, the Frazers Creek and the locality of Croom in the east; the Municipality of Kiama in the south; and Wingecarribee Shire in the west.

Albion Park - Rural West includes the suburbs and rural localities of Albion Park, Calderwood, Macquarie Pass, North Macquarie, Tongarra and Tullimbar; and the Shellharbour City part of the locality of Yellow Rock. Albion Park is the western gateway to Shellharbour City, connecting the Southern Highlands with the coast.

The township is surrounded by a ‘green belt’ of rural farms and beautiful environmental destinations, such as the wetlands, Macquarie Rivulet and Stockyard Mountain.

Albion Park, Tullimbar and Calderwood are vastly expanding as favored areas for new families. Albion Park and the surrounding area are comprised of a mix of residential, commercial and industrial uses as well as providing a range of facilities for social, educational and recreational opportunities. The Albion Park community holds tight to its agricultural ties with the Albion Park Show held in January every year.


Population of Albion Park Rural West is 15,247

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