The Suburb of Blackbutt and Shellharbour City

Blackbutt - Shellharbour City Centre is bounded by Lake Entrance Road, Wattle Road and the northern boundary of Blackbutt Forest Reserve in the north; Shellharbour Road in the east; the southern boundary of Blackbutt Forest Reserve, Wattle Road, Glider Avenue, Pioneer Drive, Dunsters Lane and the railway line in the south; and New Lake Entrance Road in the west.

Blackbutt and Shellharbour City are located in the heart of Shellharbour and is the business hub with busy retail and commercial services.

Stockland Shellharbour, one of the biggest shopping plazas in the Illawarra, can be found on Lake Entrance Road with over 250 specialty stores. Stockland Shellharbour creates a hub for people all over Shellharbour and beyond to meet, shop and mingle. It is also conveniently located within walking proximity to Shellharbour City Council’s Civic Centre, which houses community facilities, the Shellharbour Museum and Shellharbour City Library.

There is a Greater Union cinema and plenty of restaurants including Italian, Mexican and Asian in and around Burra Place. The cultural diversity of the area is celebrated, with almost a quarter of the population being born overseas and speaking a language other than English at home.


Population total 4,228

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