The Suburb of Lake Illawarra

The suburb of Lake Illawarra is bounded by Lake Illawarra in the north; the Tasman Sea in the east; Veronica Street, Woolworths Avenue, Shellharbour Road, Queen Street, King Street and Bradman Avenue in the south; and the northern boundary of Morley Park and Trumper Street in the west.

Lake Illawarra provides ample opportunities for fishing, boating and bird watching. Lake Illawarra is a home, nesting site and food source for many birds including pelicans, swans and sea eagles.

Reddall Reserve is a popular regional destination with large open grassed areas and BBQ facilities, perfect for picnics by the water. There are plenty of places here to relax and enjoy the surroundings. Reddall Reserve is currently being upgraded to include new play spaces, an upgraded kiosk and a promenade renewal which will improve accessibility and provide additional seating. Completed upgrades include a renewed boat ramp, public art and an exercise “ninja” course, designed to build strength, fitness and agility.


Population of Lake Illawarra 3,312

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