What's it all about?

The Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) is a new strategic document that will guide the future of planning in the City.

When developed the LSPS will have a planning vision and determine how we manage our land now and into the future.

It will set out:

  • 20-year vision for land use in the local area
  • the special characteristics which contribute to local identity
  • shared community values to be maintained and enhanced
  • how growth and change will be managed into the future

The LSPS will be strategically linked to our Community Strategic Plan and reflect the same key areas - Community, Environment, Leadership and Economy. By addressing these areas in an integrated manner the LSPS will be developed with a holistic view ensuring that a variety of issues are considered within our planning framework.


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We have developed some planning themes, click on the 'i' information button for more details. By adding a marker to specific areas, you can share your views on these themes.
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Help us discover your planning priorities for the City

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  1. Protect biodiversity #
  2. A city planned for a changing environment #
  3. Health of water ways and coastal zones #
  4. Plan for and maintain open and recreation spaces #
  5. Maintain rural outlook #
  6. Protect our agricultural land uses #
  1. Councillor facilitate planning priorities #
  2. A Council that responds to planning priorities and actions #
  3. Opportunities to participate in decision making #
  4. Accountable in our response to community planning priorities #
  1. A well planned city #
  2. Opportunities to study and work locally #
  3. Promote Shellharbour City as a tourist destination #
  4. Plan for local business to grow #
  5. Infrastructure that supports local communities #
  6. Infrastructure is planned for future growth #
  1. A city that promotes a healthy lifestyle #
  2. Safe, vibrant and diverse city #
  3. Accessible City #
  4. Art and culture #
  5. Protect our heritage #
  6. Shared pathways #
  7. Modern community facilities #