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Council has resolved to further investigate two sites for potential benefits and impacts of becoming dog friendly beaches. There are a number of things to carefully consider at this stage and to do this we are preparing a "Review of Environmental Factors" (REF) for each.

If the final REF shows that creating a dog friendly area will have a significant environmental impact, then an Environmental Impacts Statement (EIS) will need to be prepared. Overall this process may take time but it is important that Council completes due diligence before any decision is finalised.

Providing a balance for all beach users, dog owners and non-dog owners is a critical consideration. As with any public area where dogs are allowed, it is important to have effective regulation and management of these areas for the safety of the community and the environment. The REFs will make extensive environmental considerations, such as:

  • Not removing sand or vegetation to create the dog friendly space.
  • Provision of waste bags and bins.
  • Designating dog prohibited zones for vegetated dunes.
  • Use of existing pathways for access (including "mobi matting" for wheelchair users).
  • Potential on leash areas near surface and groundwater that could be contaminated.

Find out more information about our REF's and share your thoughts below to tell us what you think!

Proposed Locations

Location name:Location details:Location image:
Kiyong Beach

This location is positioned at the Eastern end of Reddall Reserve, just North of Warilla Beach.

  • Length of the proposed dog friendly area is 200 metres and highlighted in pink.

North Beach

This proposed location is between the patrolled sections of North Beach, Shellharbour.

Blacks Beach to the North, Shellharbour North Beach to the South.

  • Length of the proposed dog friendly area is 500 metres and highlighted in pink.

Our REF's

We are preparing a REF for both proposed locations to ensure that we have considered all:

  • Impacts on the community (social).
  • Impacts on use or conflict between community uses of the area.
  • Concerns of the community on impacts on the environment.

When we create REF's we use this template which helps us to consider all the important environmental elements the change in activity will affect and how to manage the change. The key areas the REF's consider are:

If you have something to say about the environmental impact dog friendly beaches may have, share your thoughts on the next tab.

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Previous Feedback

We know that the community has strong and conflicting views when it comes to allowing dogs on beaches, therefore, consultation with the public in regards to considering dog areas on beaches is paramount to any decision making.

Thank you for your feedback. Engagement for potential beach areas for dogs closed on Sunday 17 October 2021.