Local Government Election Postponed to 2021

Latest news (26/3/20)

The 202 Local Government election has been postponed to 2021 by the NSW Government.

Information about the postponement can be found on the NSW Office of Local Government website.

Shellharbour City will be divided into wards with 8 Councillors and a popularly elected Mayor from the 2021 Local Government Election, based on the results of the Referendum held in 2017.

At the Ordinary Council meeting held on Tuesday 11 December 2018, Council endorsed that:

  • Six (6) proposed ward boundary options for the 2021 Local Government Election be placed on public exhibition inviting public submissions. The 6 proposed ward boundary options are shown in the plans marked ‘Options 1 to 6’.
  • The community be requested to suggest names for its preferred ward boundary option for the consideration of Council.

These options were on public exhibition and submissions closed on 1 March 2019.

Saturday, 12 September 2020

8am to 6pm

Visit NSW Electoral Commission for more details.

If you are passionate about what happens in Shellharbour City and are thinking about becoming a Councillor you should visit NSW Office of Local Government. Here you will find information about registration, nomination, election campaign finances, voting and other election processes as well as important dates.

Following the September 2020 Local Government election, Shellharbour City will be divided into 4 wards.

Each ward will be represented by the Mayor and 2 Councillors.

Following the 2020 Local Government election, the Mayor will be popularly elected. This means that Shellharbour City electors will vote for their own Mayor.

When elected the Mayor will remain in that position for the duration of the Council term.