Shellharbour City Council is focused on providing safe, accessible footpaths and shared paths to improve connectivity and amenity for communities across the entire local government area.

The footpath in the reserve between Rosella Grove and Falcon Street has been identified for renewal due to its current condition. Its steep slope, side drop-offs and poor drainage all result in a path that is largely inaccessible for less mobile members of our community, people using prams and the general community following large rain events.

We would ideally like to have replaced the footpath with a path on a lesser grade. However, this would have required an extension into the adjoining reserve which is classified as an Ecologically Endangered Community and as such, this has been ruled out as an option.

Prior to making any decisions in relation to the Reserve and the path, Council would like to gain feedback from residents and the community in relation to current usage and preferred options.

Several options are available

  • Upgrade the existing path, keeping the same slope. Removal of drop offs and improve drainage.
  • Replace the path with steps. Access would be limited for less mobile members of our community, people with prams etc
  • Close off the Reserve to pedestrian access and revegetate the area.

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