The project is now complete

After severe storm damage at Ski Way Park in 2016, sections of the concrete promenade collapsed and the foreshore was undermined. This prompted a long term redesign of the space to better withstand the elements. This has been a staged project ...

Stage 1 - now completed - included:

  • Removal of the southern promenade and replace with rock armour
  • Removal of the northern concrete promenade and temporary foreshore protection (sand bags)
  • Storm water channel foreshore protection - rock armour
  • Temporary safety fencing around damaged areas

Stage 2 - work underway - including:

  • Removal of centre promenade
  • Construction of centre and northern promenade using:
    • Marine grade timber piles, to support the structure
    • Sub-structure constructed from marine grade timber bearers and joists
    • Decking structure constructed with fibre reinforced polymer decking
  • Rock armour scour protection (under new promenade sections extending past southern storm water channel)
  • New retaining wall to southern side of boat ramp, matching existing retaining wall on northern side

It is proposed that future work will include the installation of a kayak launch area, fish cleaning table and landscaping.


Stage 2 work is underway and is expected to be completed by October 2019.

New rock armour formed part of stage 1 of the renewal work.

Rock armour is a protective structure built parallel to the water’s edge to protect the shore and prevent inland flooding and inundation. Structures include sloping rock revetments and solid vertical and near-vertical retaining walls. Rock armour will withstand extreme stresses from storm flows, helping protect the foreshore from erosion and maintain safe public access to the foreshore.

The promenade will be constructed with marine grade timber i.e. timber piles, headstocks and girders. This will support the fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) boardwalk. The promenade will also include rock armour protection underneath to protect the existing retaining walls and prevent erosion.

FRP is a composite material made up of polymer that is supported with fibres for added strength. It is commonly used in industries such as aerospace, construction and marine to build structures that require added resistance to withstand any form of forced deformation. FRP is lightweight and will not rush, rot or corrode and has a design life span of approximately 100 years.

Fibre reinforced polymer with mini mesh pattern

A new ramp leading down from the foreshore alongside the northern jetty has also been proposed to allow access to a kayak launching pad. We are currently working on a concept design to suit the area and tides. A fish cleaning table will be also added.

Example of a fish cleaning table at Reddall Reserve

The contractors will aim to keep access to the boat ramp open, however, there will be times that access will be restricted for public safety.

The work site will be located in a fenced-off section in the carpark near the boat ramp.

Hours of construction are expected to be between 7 am and 5 pm Monday - Friday. Because construction work is subject to tides, seas and swell some work may be necessary outside the specified hours.

We understand that this is a popular fishing spot and will endeavour to keep as much of the area open as possible.

Environmental and heritage factors have been considered during the planning process. A ‘Review of Environmental Factors’ report has been prepared and its recommendations have been included in the final design.

To read more about environmentally friendly seawalls visit: