The existing timber and concrete promenade along the Ski Way Park foreshore near the boat ramp has collapsed and needs to be replaced. Community and stakeholders provided feedback on a series of replacement options. The preferred option selected involves removing all of the existing structure and installing a combination of rock armour retaining wall (revetment) and concrete promenade in its place.


Stage 1 will include demolition of the northern and southern sections of the promenade and will begin on Monday 18 June 2018.

Stage 2 will include demolition of the centre section and the construction of new north and centre promenade sections (the southern section will not be replaced). These works are programmed to occur in the second half of the year.

Concept design options for the new promenade sections are currently under Council review.

The image above is at Elliott Lake, Barrack Point and is an example of rock armour.

Rock armour is a protective structure built parallel to the water’s edge to protect the shore and prevent inland flooding and inundation. Structures include sloping rock revetments and solid vertical and near-vertical retaining walls. Rock armour will withstand extreme stresses from storm flows, helping protect the foreshore from erosion and maintain safe public access to the foreshore.

The existing method of construction for the promenade using timber piers will not be employed again, as it was movement of these timber piers which caused the cracking and ultimate failure of the rigid concrete slabs they supported.

The new promenade will still comprise a reinforced concrete slab structure, however the foundations will be designed to better suit the seabed conditions detailed in the geotechnical investigation.

The existing boat ramp, jetties and garden retaining walls will remain.

Work will involve the demolition of the existing timber and concrete promenade. Replacement will include replacing sections of promenade and adding basalt armour rocks along the affected section of foreshore.

The work site will be located in a fenced-off section of the carpark near the boat ramp.
Hours of construction are expected to be between 7am and 5pm Monday - Friday. Because construction work is subject to tides, seas and swell some work may be necessary outside the specified hours.

For the duration of the works, a section of the carpark will be fenced off and closed to public access. Access to the boat ramp will not be affected.

We understand that this is a popular fishing spot and will endeavour to keep as much of the area open as possible. The boat ramp will remain accessible during the works.

Environmental and heritage issues have been considered during the planning process. A ‘Review of Environmental Factors’ report has been prepared and its recommendations will be implemented, in addition to obtaining a permit from Fisheries NSW once the detailed design is completed.

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