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Thank you for participating in the vote to choose Shellharbours new suburb signs!

Now that we know what you want there are some important details for Council to finalise before we move to the next stage. We are now going through what is called the technical design phase which can take some time. There will be an update on this page once the next stage is ready, so follow along here to stay informed about this project.

Why update the signs?

Across Shellharbour City there are signs signalling the change of suburb. These signs are called suburb signs. The current suburb signs have reached the end of their lifespan.

This project was identified in Council’s Capital Works Program 2021/2022, which can be found in the linked documents. The project includes the replacement of suburb signage and a later stage will include gateway entry signage.

Four design packages have been developed, the package includes a suburb sign and gateway sign.

We invite you to vote on your preferred design below and also share a story about your suburb by clicking on the mapping tool on this page.

Aboriginal place names

A key feature of the signs will be the inclusion of the local Aboriginal language. This is a commitment of Council, acknowledging Country.

Aboriginal place names on the new signage aim to enhance the communities understanding and appreciation of both the landscape and Aboriginal cultural heritage of our City.

The existing suburb signs have some information about the Aboriginal name and Aboriginal name meaning (as seen in previous suburb signs examples). Council will continue this practice with the new signs.

Design package

Please note - Surburb signs will include the Aboriginal place name, these examples have Dharawal Country as a place-holder.

What are suburb signs?

Suburb signs are the signs that highlight the changes between suburbs across Shellharbour. They help you navigate around the City.

There are 20 suburb signs listed for renewal across the 11 suburbs in the Shellharbour area.

The suburb signs will be the first stage of new signs rolled out across Shellharbour, vote now on your favourite design.

What are gateway signs?

Gateway signs mark entries and exits from the Shellharbour City Council are. They are on the borders of the local government area itself rather than being on the transition of suburbs. There are currently 3 locations for gateway signs which are not scheduled for replacement during the 2021/2022 capital works program.

The four design packages include gateway signage, this is to ensure that in the future when they are due for replacement we have a consistent look and feel across the City.


What design do you prefer?

Activity closed 22/10/2021 at 11:59 PM
Using your token vote for one design that you think best suits Shellharbour. For more information about each design scroll up and click on the sign to read about it.
Your remaining points:

Design one

1 pts

Design one

  59 Votes (10%)

Design two

1 pts

Design two

  349 Votes (60%)

Design three

1 pts

Design three

  93 Votes (16%)

Design four

1 pts

Design four

  84 Votes (14%)

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