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We want to hear about your experience parking in Shellharbour!

In 2024, we will start developing a city-wide Parking Strategy to set out what parking should look like in Shellharbour's future. We need your feedback to help us make parking more effective, inclusive and accessible across the City.

As our population grows, so does the number of vehicles using our roads. This creates traffic and parking pressures, which we know are already a top concern for many residents.

This Parking Strategy will set out how we meet the needs of our growing population, how we manage Shellharbour's parking infrastructure and how we can encourage more sustainable transport options across the City.

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This is one of the busiest times of year in Shellharbour. So we want to know what you like about parking in Shellharbour, and what needs improving? (max 140 characters).

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21 February, 2024

Resident says:

We are losing parking availability due to increase of high rise units and residents parking in public spaces.

20 February, 2024

Phil Stephens says:

Shellharbour Pool car park I think there needs to be a disincentive for people to park for longer than 2hrs. In particular camping vans.

10 February, 2024

KMG says:

It gets busy but generally I can find a place to park within walking distance but I'm not sure how people who cannot walk very far would go.

22 January, 2024

Resident says:

Please supply Shell Cove residents with information about parking rules before issuing fines.

22 January, 2024

Helen says:

Because streets are so narrow in Shell Cove residents and visitors should be allowed to park on verge and in driveways

20 January, 2024

Chloe says:

There needs to be more public parking!! I was issued a fine from NSW revenue from Shellharbour City Council for parking in my driveway!!!

15 January, 2024

Sarah Mason says:

Disability spots closer to the cinemas for people with Disability.

8 January, 2024

Andy B says:

More parking areas for longer vehicles or cars with trailers would be appreciated.

30 December, 2023

Nicole says:

Parking caravans, boats & trailers on the road on a permanent basis should NOT be allowed no matter what area you live in. They block view

30 December, 2023

JohnnyJ says:

Using Snap Send Solve would be so much easier. Why wouldn’t council just use this wonderful tool?

29 December, 2023

Greg Butto says:

Shouldn't be allowed to park caravan/boat/ trailer continually on a street in congested areas like Shellcove. A week or 2 Max.

29 December, 2023

Sally says:

Parking in Shell cove is often full now. When the library, hotel and appartments opens parking will be far worse

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