This survey closed on 7 December 2022, thank you to all who contributed.

Shellharbour is home to more than 12,000 children!

We know that children are very important for the future of our city. That's why we are making a Child Friendly City Action Plan!

The Child Friendly City action plan is all about making Shellharbour into a place where children thrive. In Shellharbour, we are already working toward this by:

  • Listening to the voices in our community
  • Creating places for play and recreation in local parks and reserves
  • Exciting experiences for families through programs, workshops and events
  • Clean & accessible pools, stadiums and other recreation facilities
  • Inspire learning through library resources and programs
  • Keep families safe by investing in safe city and crime prevention
  • Supporting families and communities that need it
  • Much more!

How do we know if we’re getting it right?

Our action plan aims to identify the values and needs of our community, as well as opportunities to improve what we are already doing.

We have spoken with over 480 children, families and service providers across the city. We gave children many different ways to share their thoughts. This included drawing pictures (see some of them below!), talking, creative play and more.

We listened to what you told us and now want to share what we heard. To start take a look at out three key focus areas and then tell us which goals you think are most important.