About the project

Yellow Rock Road (YRR) is located off the Illawarra Highway to the west of Albion Park and provides access to many homes in the suburbs of Tullimbar and Yellow Rock.

YRR was originally constructed as a rural road to service many rural properties west of Albion Park. However, with the significant transformation that the area has undergone in recent years it has been identified that an upgrade is required to ensure it services the needs of the developing areas of Tullimbar and surrounding.

Council has engaged the services of Maker ENG to prepare a design for the upgrade of YRR to function as a major collector type road. The design scope is to cover the length of YRR bounded by existing urban development as well as to cater for potential future development scenarios to future proof the functionality of the road.

The design of the YRR Upgrade will include:

  • Widening of travel lanes
  • The provision of better on-street parking
  • Shared path connections & crossing facilities
  • Intersection upgrades
  • Kerb & gutter and stormwater drainage
  • Linemarking and signposting


To assist in the design and future construction the project has been broken into several stages.
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    Stage 1 & 2

    Stage 1 & Stage 2 extend from Illawarra Highway to 62 Yellow Rock Road. The design of these stages is progressing well and it is anticipated that community consultation on the design will be undertaken in early 2022.

    Construction of Stage 1 & Stage 2 will be considered for inclusion within the upcoming 2022/23 – 2026/27 Delivery Program which Council is due to review & adopt in June 2022.

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    Future Stages

    Upon finalisation of the Stage 1 & Stage 2 design, the design process will continue for the remaining sections of YRR and construction of these future stages will be subject to adoption of future years operational plans.

Map of proposed road upgrade

Outlined map of proposed upgrade from Illawarra Highway to Cooby Road

Questions and Answers

The environmental impacts of the project are being considered through a detailed environmental assessment process. The assessment will be documented in a Review of Environment Factors (REF) which will be prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act). Council will be responsible for reviewing the REF and providing approval for the project to proceed.

The environmental assessment will consider a range of factors including traffic, noise, ecology, heritage, water quality, flooding, visual and social impacts. The impacts will be identified in the REF along with appropriate measures to minimise and manage these impacts.

Yes, community consultation will be undertaken as part of the design process for the various stages of the upgrade.

It is estimated that community consultation will be undertaken on Stages 1 & 2 in early 2022 and then for the Future Stages later in 2022.

Council will consider the feedback from the community as part of the design development process, the environmental assessment process and prior to making a determination regarding the project approval.

At this stage, Council has not set a completion date for the proposed upgrade. This is due to a number of factors, particularly further consultation and collaboration with external stakeholders and utility providers, their processes and scheduling of works.

When more defined time lines for each stage are established they will be displayed both here on the Let's Chat page and in a public exhibition.

A significant portion of the project will be on Council owned land, some land within private properties will need to be acquired for the project. The precise extent of property acquisition is currently being confirmed as part of the design development process and will be documented in the REF. Council will consult directly with impacted landholders regarding the potential acquisition process proposed as part of the project.

The primary objectives of the project are to:

  • Increase the safety of roads within Albion Park
  • Increase pedestrian safety

Council has begun a program of early works as part of an investigation phase to assist with the design of the road upgrade. These works include:

- Detailed ground surveys

- Services and utility identification

- Locating, early consultation with utility providers and geotechnical surveys & testing.

Following the investigation phase, Council has now moved into the Concept Design and Approvals phase by engaging an expert road design consultant to prepare concept and detailed plans for the road upgrade.

Council has also commenced the first stage of consultation with landowners fronting Yellow Rock Road that will likely be impacted by land acquisitions required in order to accommodate the road upgrade. As well as consultation with local developers that may be required to make monetary contributions towards the cost of the road upgrade.

We have also provided the community with an early opportunity to provide feedback that may be relevant to the design process.

Once the concept design phase is nearing completion, we will be engaging with the local community more broadly to hear their feedback on the road design plans before they are finalised.

The next phase of the project will also involve refining the project delivery timeframe to integrate with other works being planned along Yellow Rock Road by local developers and utility providers. This phase will also include the confirmation of the funding mechanisms adopted by Council to deliver the road upgrade.

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