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Our Integrated Planning and Reporting (IP&R) documents are on public exhibition, be part of shaping Shellharbour's future by reviewing the goals and plans for the City. Submissions close 25 May 2022.

About the IP&R Framework

The IP&R framework begins with the Community's aspirations for the future, take a look at the Imagine Shellharbour page to see how some of these ideas and aspirations were developed.

The framework includes a suite of integrated plans that set out a vision, goals and strategic actions to achieve them and involves a reporting structure to communicate progress.

This framework is used by all New South Wales Local Councils.

About the plans

How the documents work together

What is the Community Strategic Plan (CSP)?

The Community Strategic Plan (CSP) is a road map for the future, providing a description of the route we need to take to reach our vision. It sets out where we are now, where we want to be, and how we will know if we have arrived.

It provides the City with a clear understanding of what matters most to our community and guides the way in which we plan for the future and deliver services. It seeks to respond to community, environmental, economic and leadership challenges.

What is the Resourcing Strategy?

The Resourcing Strategy is the point where the council explains to its community how it intends to perform all of its functions, including implementing the strategies set out in the Community Strategic Plan. It focuses in detail on matters that are the responsibility of the council and considers, in general terms, matters that are the responsibility of others. The Resourcing Strategy articulates how the council will allocate resources to deliver the objectives under its responsibility.

The Resourcing Strategy consists of the Long Term Financial Plan, Strategic Asset Management Plan, and Workforce Management Plan.

What is the Delivery Program?

The Delivery Program is a statement of commitment to the community from each newly elected council and translates the community’s strategic goals into clear actions. It is the primary reference point for all activities undertaken by council during its term of office. It allows council to determine what is achievable over the next 4 years, what the priorities are, and how programs will be scheduled.

What is the Operational Plan?

The 2022-2023 Operational Plan is council’s action plan for achieving the community priorities outlined in the Community Strategic Plan and Delivery Program. The Operational Plan identifies the projects, programs and activities that council will conduct to achieve the commitments of the Delivery Program.

What is the Local Strategic Planning Statement?

The Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) sets the land use vision for the future of Shellharbour City Local Government Area (LGA) for the next 20 years. It provides details on which council can base planning decisions and drive future land use planning and management of growth in the City based on our economic, social and environmental needs over the next 20 years.


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