Central Park

It's open!

About the design

This exciting new play space will incorporate a variety of play opportunities for most ages. We are excited to share the new design and inclusions:

  • Double bay swing (toddler and strap seat) and a nest swing
  • Treetop activity tower with slide
  • Rope net and rock climbing
  • Interactive sensory panels
  • Flying fox with built-in ladder for take-off
  • Rope spinner with wide openings for wheelchair access
  • Nature play trail; alligator crossing logs, hopping logs, adventure trail tread, rope traverse and log jumps
  • Rubber soft fall

About the location

Central Park is a district park located on the foreshore of Lake Illawarra. The park caters for a range of uses and activities. Existing facilities include picnic tables, footpaths, parking and public toilets.

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1 Star = Much worse than I expected

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