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We are investing in play spaces across the City.

Earlier this year we asked what you would like to see at Reddall Reserve (opp. View Street), Mood Park, Dawes Park and Frasers Reserve. Our playground experts, CRS have used your feedback to design these spaces. Check out the reveals below and tell us what you think. Construction will start soon.

We are also excited to announce four new locations that are due for renewal. We want to know what you think is important to include at Reddall Reserve (opp. Windang Street), McDonald Park, Ski Way Park and Central Park.

Designs revealed

Previous feedback

Here are some of the responses shared about 'What is the most important thing to see in playground'.

29 November, 2018

Dan says:

“Dawes Park , leave place to play soccer etc, More shade areas, fix tennis court, stop motorbikes. ”

16 November, 2018

Julie says:

“For Dawes Park, something similar to Little Park would be great. Need more shade areas and replace the cover over the BBQ that was removed.”

14 November, 2018

Dani says:

“Mood park and frasers reserve will benefit from removing the bark and replacing it with the soft fall rubber. Water stations and flying fox ”

14 November, 2018

Emma says:

“Playground areas must be partly or fully shaded so they can be used in summer. ”

12 November, 2018

Miga says:

“Mow the grass more often at shearwater drive park. Replace woodchip with softplay. Empty bin more regularly and maintain equipment. ”

12 November, 2018

Miga says:

“Mow the grass more often at shearwater drive park. Replace woodchip with softplay. Empty bin more regularly and maintain equipment. ”

12 November, 2018

Supercarlo says:

“Fosters Park Flinders needs a complete overhaul.Equipment very old(at least 19 years old).Replace bark chips with soft fall surface. ”

12 November, 2018

Jackie says:

“Secure fencing, picnic tables, seating and shade. Natural elements are nice too. Keep the trees, build around them.”

12 November, 2018

Gemma says:

“Rubber flooring, shade sails, toilets and seating areas close by. More inclusive play grounds for children with a disability. ”

12 November, 2018

Sarah says:

“Shade sails, fences, toilet blocks and tables and chairs are essential for any good play area. Small cafe is a bonus! ”

12 November, 2018

Pamela says:

“In all play areas they need sun protection on equipment much healthier for everyone.”

12 November, 2018

Chad says:

“Would just like to see the same amount of money spent on the new park at shellharbour on these new parks. Especially Reddall ”

New locations announced

We are investing $1.5Million this financial year to renew and upgrade four play spaces across the City. Work will include new play equipment and the renewal of landscaping. We will also be constructing Shellharbour’s first all-inclusive playspace at Reddall Reserve. We anticipate that these upgrades will be completed by the end of 2020.

McDonald Park

McDonald Park is located on Tongarra Road, Albion Park Rail. It has a range of facilities including tennis courts, netball courts, amenities block, off-street parking, exercise equipment and play equipment. A new all-inclusive play space is proposed and will provide graded play opportunities suitable for a range of ages and abilities.

A draft masterplan for McDonald Park is on exhibition, which identifies concept design and location of the all-inclusive play space.

Share your ideas below.

Ski Way Park

Ski Way Park is located on the foreshore of Lake Illawarra in Oak Flats. This park has an existing playground, boat ramp, picnic shelters, amenities and is well connected by footpaths.

We are currently improving the foreshore with upgraded promenade, kayak launch area, fish cleaning table and landscaping.

Central Park

Central Park is located off The Boulevarde at Oak Flats. Replacing and upgrading the play equipment in this park will assist in further activation of this reserve, which is on the foreshore of Lake Illawarra and is an ideal place for family gatherings.This park includes off street parking, shaded seating areas, picnic tables and public toilets.

Shellharbour plays

Tell us what types of 'play' are important to you?

When creating a play space, we consider how to accommodate different types of play that meet the needs of the community. Play spaces aims to encourage all-inclusive play so everyone can interact with the environment and others. Below are some 'play' categories, of course these aren’t the only ways in which we play, but these categories help us to broaden our understanding of play. Please tell us what categories are important to you?

Must have
Good to have
Not bothered
Active play - Running, jumping, climbing, swinging. Eg. Slides, swings, flying fox, rock walls
Sensory play – Touching, smelling, hearing, seeing. Eg. Water, sand, musical instruments
Creative and imaginative play – Building, singing, drumming, role play. Eg. Pirate ship, shop front
Social play – Talking, sharing, taking turns, following “rules,” playing sports. Eg. talking tubes, flying fox, spinners
Reflective play – Watching, resting, reflecting, thinking, daydreaming, and chill out zone. Eg. Nature play, tunnels, platforms

Have you visited somewhere amazing and would love to see it in Shellharbour. Share it here.

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