Let's play

We are investing more than $700,000 this financial year to renew and upgrade four play spaces across the City.

Work will include new play equipment with softfall and the renewal of landscaping. This project will also include the removal of ageing play equipment in other locations. It is anticipated that works will be completed in the first half of 2019.

Thank you to all community members who provided feedback, this information will inform design elements where possible. A landscape architect has been appointed to develop concept designs, these designs will be used by the building contractor to construct the new play spaces.

State of play

As part of the 18/19 Capital Works Program Council will upgrade four play spaces around the City. As a minimum, each play space will include rubber soft fall and inclusive elements.

Reddall Reserve

The play equipment in Reddall Reserve is of poor condition and functionality, so Council is looking to renew and upgrade these facilities over the next two years.

This financial year (18/19) we will renew and upgrade the northern play equipment (opposite View St) and in 2019/20 an all-inclusive play space will also be built at Reddall Reserve.

Dawes Park

Dawes Park is located on the corner of Barrack Avenue and Junction Road, Barrack Point. Replacing and upgrading the corroded play equipment in this park will assist in further activating this reserve which is located in close proximity to Little Lake. This park includes shaded seating areas, picnic tables, seating and public toilets.

Mood Park

Mood Park is located on the intersection of Tongarra Rd and Illawarra Hwy, Albion Park.

This park includes landscaped gardens, paths, public amenities, natural shade and picnic tables and offers a unique character. For this reason, a landscape architect will prepare concept designs which are sympathetic to the character of the park and incorporate the feedback and ideas from the community. It is envisaged that these designs will likely include an element of nature play.

Frasers Reserve

Frasers Reserve is located on the corner of Terry Street and Cawdell Drive, Albion Park.

This centrally located position with convenient access to bike/walking path connecting users to nearby shops, schools and the residential area.


Council is committed to providing improved recreation and play spaces in the City.

These 4 spaces have been identified as accessible high profile locations with dilapidated play equipment.

Following engagement with the community, feedback will be used to inform concept designs. Construction is expected to commence early 2019.

Yes, each of the play space upgrades will have inclusive elements.

Inspections were carried out on each of the play spaces across the City by an independant accredited playground inspector. The following locations have been identified as a priority for removal this financial year.

  1. Swing set at Fuller Park, Shellharbour
  2. Swing set at Wilson Memorial Park, Albion Park Rail
  3. Play equipment at Marsh Place, Albion Park
  4. Play equipment at Reddall Reserve, (opposite Pep's Takeaway)

The reinstatement of play equipment or a similar facility, at these locations will be determined through a wider study on Active and Passive Open Spaces across the City. This study will commence shortly and involve extensive community consultation and is expected to be completed in 2019.

Council will shortly be undertaking a study on all parks and reserves in the City, which will look at how these spaces are used and if they are meeting the needs of our community.

As part of this study, the community will be invited to share ideas and feedback on these spaces. The feedback received will be used to help shape the final report, which will be used as a framework for future renewals, removals and upgrades.

Shellharbour plays

Providing inclusive elements in our play spaces is a priority. We aim to encourage opportunities for everyone to equally participate and enjoy play spaces. These elements will vary depending on each site location, size and budget.
Tell us what types of 'play' are important to you?

When creating a play space, we consider how to accommodate different types of play that meet the needs of the community. Play spaces aims to encourage all-inclusive play so everyone can interact with the environment and others. Below are some 'play' categories, of course these aren’t the only ways in which we play, but these categories help us to broaden our understanding of play. Please tell us what categories are important to you?

Must have
Good to have
Not bothered
Active play - Running, jumping, climbing, swinging. Eg. Slides, swings, flying fox, rock walls
Sensory play – Touching, smelling, hearing, seeing. Eg. Water, sand, musical instruments
Creative and imaginative play – Building, singing, drumming, role play. Eg. Pirate ship, shop front
Social play – Talking, sharing, taking turns, following “rules,” playing sports. Eg. talking tubes, flying fox, spinners
Reflective play – Watching, resting, reflecting, thinking, daydreaming, and chill out zone. Eg. Nature play, tunnels, platforms

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