Clermont Park - Swings

About the park

Clermont park is nestled in a hilly neighbourhood in Albion Park. The reserve features a number of mature trees including a beautiful big fig tree located at the rear of the park. In order to enhance and blend in with the natural features of the park, we have identified it as an appropriate location to be renewed as a Nature Play Space.

What is a Nature Play Space?

The idea behind a nature play space is to create a play environment inspired by elements and textures from the earth instead of traditional steel and plastic structures that make up the bulk of today's playgrounds. The surrounding landscape and vegetation can be incorporated to bring nature to children's daily outdoor play and learning environments.

Nature Playgrounds consist of elements such as tree logs, natural timber, rope, boulders, plants, sand and sensory items which encourage children to explore, discover and learn through outdoor play.

Clermont Park Layout (click on icons)

The following zones have been identified and shown above on our interactive map;

  • Nature Play Space
  • Imaginative Play around Fig tree
  • Lawn Area
  • Seat Circle