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The Red Lamp Play space at Reddall Reserve is officially open!

Let's Play 🤸🤸

📽️ by Eddie Hu

About the new play space

We have been working with CRS to incorporate all of the ideas and feedback that has been shared by the community! You had a big wish list and we have been able to tick a lot of these off the list.

The design of the play space has been inspired by the local story of ‘The Red Lamp’ and will cater to a range of ages and abilities. When complete, young people living in and around Shellharbour will have a vibrant, safe, inclusive play space.

Some of the key features will include:

  • 8 m high cube multi tower with rope bridge to turret podium
  • Accessible path/ramp to tower to first level
  • Various slides, twisting tunnel slides and wide slide from tower
  • Quad swing set with nest seat, cub seat
  • Megga cantilever swing
  • Climbing square and triangle nets
  • 25m Double flying fox includes inclusive seat
  • Spaghetti crinkle
  • Whirly Dizzy spinner
  • Sensory panels - Musical
  • Inclusive carousel
  • In ground trampolines
  • Nature play and discovery area
  • Softfall
  • Footpath connectivity

Creating an inclusive playspace

An inclusive playspace invites people of all ages, abilities and cultures to come together.

Inclusive playspaces are easy to access, easy to move around, provide a range of play options and challenges, and have appropriate facilities in a comfortable environment.

Inclusive playspaces encourage everyone to stay as long as they choose. A playspace is more than just equipment. It is the entire setting used and enjoyed as part of the play experience.

An inclusive playspace utilises principles of inclusive design and accessibility, creating spaces people of all ages and abilities can enjoy. We have used the Everyone Can Play Guidelines in developing this playspace design for Reddall Reserve.


Developing the design

Identifying and developing the draft design

The Master Plan identified the inclusive play space, with the vision of creating a new destination in the reserve. During consultation we heard that the community and visitors would like to see a play space that provides a range of graded play opportunities suitable for a range of ages and abilities.

Everyone Can Play Guidelines have been used to shape and further develop the initial concepts designs identified in the Master Plan.

The design of this new iconic play space has inspired by the local story of The Red Lamp, watch this short clip to find out about its importance in Lake Illawarra.

About the design process

Here are some images developed during the design of the playspace, from early Masterplanning to developing the concept design.

Swipe across to look at the design process

Artist illustration - initial concept: Concept design:

Concept design developed by CRS

About the Master Plan

Reddall Reserve is located on the foreshore of Lake Illawarra and provides a significant regional destination, the Reddall Reserve Master Plan will guide the development of the area over the next twenty years. It aims to balance the needs of different members of the community and enhance the opportunity of the site.

From the Master Plan to Layout

Master plan: Play space layout:

Past Feedback

Share your feedback about the design

9 March, 2021

Cassie says:

Please restart this project

4 February, 2021

Paul says:

new equipment is all for designed for little kids. my 8yr old daughter has outgrown it all how about a 'pump track' like Shoalhaven Hea

17 January, 2021

Daniel says:

The red looks horrible, blue or green would look much better in the area. Needs fencing as so large

17 January, 2021

Gemma says:

please consider adding in shade cloths! Not just for this playgound......shade cloths should be standard at all newly built playgrounds now

17 January, 2021

Gemma says:

please consider adding in shade cloths! Not just for this playgound......shade cloths should be standard at all newly built playgrounds now

20 September, 2020

LocalResident13 says:

It’s hard to believe in 2020 that new playgrounds aren’t being built with shade cloths.

19 September, 2020

Robbie says:

This is great for the kids, can we please spend some money on road safety in Osborne Parade, maybe an illuminated "50km/h" sign would help.

17 September, 2020

Danica says:

Need closer bathroom Fencing on lake path for safety Water bottle filler More seating Change colour

17 September, 2020

Cyrene says:

I really hope you put a fence on the road side as it’s such a big park and will be difficult to watch your children

16 September, 2020

Christine says:

Great to see something that will be good for older children. Most of the local parks seem to cater for younger ones - not for 11 - 14 years

16 September, 2020

Mrs John says:

A little splash pad would be great , like the one at baxland park, Calderwood has one too

10 September, 2020

svpul1 says:

Looks amazing. Anyone commenting about the red colour, watch Red Lamp story:

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