Thank you for your feedback!

Council will now develop the design, considering this feedback and specialist studies of the location.

Terry Reserve is categorized as a Local Park in our city's park hierarchy, one of 131 such parks in our community.
Local Parks are small, conveniently located within 5-10 minutes' walk from homes, providing informal play opportunities and basic facilities for the local neighborhood.

Find out more about our City's park hierarchy, and how Council's play spaces are designed in our FAQ's.

How you gave feedback

Who responded

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What you told us

  • People primarily visit this park because it is their local park.
  • The Reserve is widely utilised by diverse age groups and demographics due to its extensive network of flat paths. Local sports organisations, especially during soccer season, heavily depend on the playing fields for their activities, adjacent to the existing playground.
  • The new playground should provide a variety of play structures and activities, that excite different age ranges and skill levels.
  • Accessible play was rated as the most important element in creating a great space that everyone could use, followed by seating and shade.
  • Swings and a high climbing tower with a slide were the most chosen play themes, followed by a learn-to-ride track.
  • 71% approve of fitness equipment installation, and 41% plan to use it, with circuits being the preferred exercise.
  • Seating, bins, dog bags/bins, water station, shade. footpaths & fencing were all highly favoured additions.

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Community consultation occurred between 19 September and 20 October 2023.