Great public spaces don't just happen. To make a place great requires sound planning and significant investment.

We are excited to announce that Shellharbour City Council has received grant funding for the Reddall Reserve Promenade Renewal as part of the Public Spaces Legacy Program.

The NSW Government will assist Council with project costs by providing a $2,543,600 grant for the upgrades.

To access the funding, Shellharbour City Council demonstrated accelerated development assessment processes. This assists to keep the broader economy moving and bolster the construction industry.

New concept designs

Last year we asked for feedback on the initial concept designs for the promenade. Since then, we have been working with dsb Landscape Architects to implement some of the suggested changes. Take a look at the latest concept designs.

Reddall Reserve promenade
Arial image - Reddall Promenade

The Reddall Reserve Masterplan identified the promenade for renewal. The replacement will provide new and improved foreshore seating, increased pedestrian accessibility, safeguard against shoreline erosion, reduced maintenance and provide greater connection to the wider Reserve.

Existing Promenade

About the project

This project is currently out for tender. The preferred tenderer will be considered by Council later this year.

When a contractor is appointed we will be able to provide more information about construction and access.

Construction works are expected to commence towards the end of 2022.

The project is weather and tide-dependent, we will work with the contractor to minimise disruption to the surrounding area.

We anticipate construction will take about 6 months to complete. We will be able to provide more detail when the construction contractor is appointed.

This project will be subject to weather and tidal conditions that may impact the timeframe.

The existing promenade is a very popular site for locals and tourists but unfortunately the promenade has reached the end of its useful life. The Reddall Reserve Masterplan identified the promenade for renewal.

Over time the promenade has experienced storm and weather damage and many sections are at beach level becoming covered by sand, making it inaccessible. This upgrade to the foreshore promenade will create a safe, accessible and continuous walk along the foreshore.

  • Removal of existing promenade
  • Construction of new promenade and rock armour
  • Addition of concrete seating at the water's edge
  • Steps and ramp access to the water's edge
  • Improved stormwater outlet and protective zone

Rock armour is a protective structure built parallel to the water’s edge to protect the shoreline from erosion.

This projects will deliver the following community benefits in accordance with the community’s vision identified in the master plan:

  • Safe and accessible footpath connectivity.
  • Enhanced foreshore recreational open space including ramp access to water's edge and seating.
  • Reclined seating along the foreshore offering unobstructed views along the water's edge.
  • Improvements to protect the foreshore from erosion.

This project is a further step towards implementing the Reddall Reserve Master Plan.

Environmental and heritage factors are considered as part of the ‘Review of Environmental Factors’ report (REF). This report is currently being reviewed and the final REF will be made available once finalised.

A REF is an environmental assessment used to determine whether an activity should be approved by taking into account all matters that affect or may affect the environment.

We understand that this is a popular recreation spot and will endeavor to keep as much of the area open as possible. When a contractor is appointed we will provide more details about access.

We understand that this shared use path is popular with both cyclists and pedestrians. When a contractor is appointed we will provide more details about access.