Council is committed to investing in public art and has commissioned two new public artworks to be installed shortly. Both pieces will be positioned at Reddall Reserve as new additions to the Lake Illawarra Art Trail. New Public Art installations were identified in the recently adopted Master Plan.

Introducing Synergy

‘Synergy’ created by artist Kane Minogue - Studio 303. Kane's design is a representation of life in and around the Lake, and will be fabricated using recycled metal parts, steel bore pipe and other metal objects suitable for welding.

The design uses a ring of 4 m high seaweed intertwined with marine life specific to Lake Illawarra, all swimming in the same circular upward direction. These design elements represent the circle of life within the lake, synergy and a sense of community.

The use of recycled metals parts and other objects reflects the artists passion for sustainability and he endeavors to encourage care and respect for the lake and the marine life within it.


Synergy @ Reddall Reserve

How it's made

Check out this behind the scene clip, of artist Kane Minogue in his element making 'Synergy'.

The sculpture is fabricated using recycled welded metals that have an all over rusty patina surface, when finished the surface will be sealed.

Prawn Run

Shrimply amazing!

Prawn Run Official Launch

In the making