We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the latest round of community consultation.

As the result of the further consultation "Frequently Asked Questions" have been added to this page in response to questions raised.

Previous Update:

Recently we asked residents and stakeholders for feedback on the proposed upgrades to Terry Street. Over 80% of respondents supported road safety improvements for Terry Street, but, there were some ideas on how we could further improve and refine this design. We have made changes to the design and included most of these suggestions. Check out the table below to find out how your feedback has been included:

Table of changes:

You asked for:
We responded with:
The turn restrictions at Hughes Drive was not supported.All turn restrictions at Hughes Drive have been removed from the revised concept plan.
Preference for the installation of a roundabout at the T-intersection of Hughes Drive/Terry StreetA roundabout at the intersection of Hughes Drive/Terry Street has been included within the revised concept plan.
Better access to driveways near new crossing facilities.One crossing point (north of Wiley Street) has been removed and the pedestrian refuge (outside 161 Terry Street) has been relocated from the revised concept plan to reduce impacts to driveway access.
Restricted on-street parking not supported and request for additional parkingOn-street parking restrictions have been revised and Wiley Street has been converted to a one-way street to increase parking provisions in the area. Quantity of spaces to be determined during the detailed design phase.
Control of cars in and out of Terry Street shops car parkLinemarking and proposed one-direction traffic flow has been proposed at this location.

See the revised concept designs below!

Revised Plan

Figure 1: Revised Concept Plan
How can I turn right into the shops from the north?

To control traffic into the shops, and subsequently improve road safety in the area, a physical median has been installed to remove the right turn into the shop car park. The roundabout at the intersection of Smith Avenue/Terry Street can be utilised for traffic wishing to use the shopping centre car park from the north. Please see Figure 2 for details.

Figure 2: Access to shops from the north

Figure 2: Access to shops from the north

About the project


Terry Street, (Main Road 266) is classified as a Regional Collector Road, linking Jamberoo to Albion Park. Terry Street between Wiley Street and Simpson Parade has been subject to several recorded crashes in the past five years. This length of Terry Street adjoins residential homes as well as several businesses including take-away shops, a café and other commercial businesses, with a moderate-high pedestrian demand across Terry Street.

Council recently secured funding under the 2021/22 NSW Road Safety Program to improve road safety along Terry Street, between Wiley Street and Simpson Parade, Albion Park. This project will provide upgraded crossing points, the relocation of bus zones and minor junction improvements that will require some turn restrictions.

The proposed safety upgrades on Terry Street include:

  • Upgrade/install new crossing points (pedestrian refuges and blisters) to improve pedestrian crossing safety.
  • Install designated turning lanes to reduce the risk of rear-end collisions.
  • Installation of a roundabout at T-intersection of Terry Street & Hughes Drive.
  • Installation of additional on-street angled car parking spaces.
  • Conversion of Wiley Street to one-way traffic flow
  • Implementation of one-way traffic flow within the shopping car park
  • Implement turning restrictions at Wiley Street to reduce the number of conflict points.
  • Relocate the existing bus shelter which currently obstructs sight when exiting Wiley Street. A new location is proposed outside of 128 Terry Street, however, this may be subject to change.
  • Construct new infrastructure to be disability compliant (where existing grades permit).
  • Install shared use path links to each of the upgraded crossing points.
  • Reduce the speed limit from 60km/h to 50km/h (Transport for NSW to manage and implement this change).

What is the Next Step?

Council would like to take this opportunity to obtain feedback from the community prior to progressing with detailed design in early 2022. All feedback obtained will be considered during the detailed design phase.

Past feedback

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Transport Team

Council’s Transport team welcome all questions and feedback which may be used to improve the upgrade during the detail design phase. Answering your questions will be:

  • Wayne Wilson (Senior Transport Engineer)
  • Tyson Perry (Engineering Technical Officer)
  • Jenny Davies (Road Safety Officer)

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Initial Concept design

​Figure 3: Concept Design (Example only)
Figure 4: Alternative routes to travel north and south on

Figure 4: Alternative routes to travel north and south on