For each of the locations listed below the Draft Crown Land Plan of Management has been prepared to comply with the Crown Land Management Act 2016 and the Local Government Act 1993. The purpose of each plan is to provide Council with a framework that enables decisions regarding each location, to be made in a consistent and equitable basis.

Council’s vision for each reserve recognises the long-term use of the site as socially, culturally and physically enhancing the community. Each site will be managed and maintained according to the reserve’s purpose, categorisation and other attributes present on the site as detailed in the draft Plan of Management.

These draft PoMs do not include development proposals, changes to current uses, or changes to general maintenance schedules of the reserve. Mowing, maintenance or upgrades schedules are determined by operational staff.

These draft PoMs outline how the reserve and its features will generally be managed and maintained.

Cowrie Island Reserve

Cowrie Island Reserve (Crown Reserve 580064) is a rocky outcrop forming the north-east boundary of Shellharbour harbour. The reserve consists of two boat ramps, a fish cleaning area (just outside the reserve boundary), three breakwater walls, bins, benches and signs.

The reserve is categorised as “Natural Area – Foreshore" and is used for public recreational activities including fishing, surfing, boating and picnics.

Hennegar Bay Reserve

Hennagar Bay Reserve (Crown Reserve 97393) is situated along the foreshore of Lake Illawarra on The Boulevarde, Oak Flats. In addition to the Crown reserve, there are 12 small lots owned by Shallharbour City Council which are part of Hennegar Bay Reserve and included in the draft Plan of Management.

The reserve is categorised as “Natural Area – Foreshore" and “General Community Use”. It includes a shared use pathway to facilitate active transport, passive recreational uses and connectivity to adjoining reserves.

Hooker Park

Hooker Park (Crown Reserve 87493) is located on Reddall Parade, Lake Illawarra and incorporates Cec Glenholmes Oval. Part of Cec Glenholmes Oval is owned by Shellharbour City Council and is included in the draft Plan of Management.

The purpose of Hooker Park is for public recreation, the assigned categories are “Sportsground”, “Natural Area – Foreshore" and “General Community Use”. Cec Glenholmes Oval is used for rugby league competitions and casual recreational activities. The shared-use pathway adjoining Reddall Parade is used by pedestrians, strollers, rollerbladers, skateboarders and cyclists.

Hooker Park is often also used by walkers and recreational fishers accessing the lake from time to time.